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Solar Screens

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Benefits of Solar Screens

  • reduce household temperature
  • protect against fading
  • improve visibility and reduce glare through windows
  • provide window protection and outside privacy
  • keep insects and pests out

There are numerous options to choose from when selecting customized solar screens for your home.  Your selections include using gridded versus un-gridded screens, 60 to 90 percent blockage, and many color options for the shading fabric and window screen frame.

Because of these unique, personalize, and customized choices, our solar screens are all custom built for each individual window in your home.  They are also custom priced because of the plethora of choices to be made regarding your solar screens.  Please contact Sustainable Services to learn more about making your home more energy efficient through the use of solar screens.

Windows account for almost half of your home’s heat gain in the summer!  While many of us would love to install brand new windows, it is not always cost effective.  Sustainable Services recommends installing solar screens to your existing windows as a better performing alternative than spending the money on new windows.

Solar screens resemble standard window screens, except they keep direct sunlight from entering the window, cut glare, and block light without blocking the view or eliminating air flow.  They also provide privacy by restricting the view of the interior from outside your house.  Solar screens are custom built to suit your home and come in a variety of colors to compliment any house.

How Are Solar Screens Energy Efficient?

Solar screens can block 80-90% of the sun’s rays and heat while cutting utility costs up to 30%.  They also provide added insulation for your windows and lower indoor temperatures.  Combined with weatherization through Sustainable Services, solar screens can be much more cost effective and a better performing alternative than purchasing new windows.  In fact, since solar screens save energy, they normally will pay for themselves within two to three cooling cycles.