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Residential Services

Within the whole-house approach, Sustainable Services offers a variety of practical energy efficiency improvements for residences.  We focus on cost-effective improvements and measures with quick returns so that our customers see an immediate decrease in their energy bills.  Homeowners can choose to implement all recommended improvements or prioritize the most cost-effective measures that will have the largest impact on their home.

Residential Slide – Insulation and SealingResidential Slide – Insulation and Sealing
Residential Slide – Air Duct SealingResidential Slide – Air Duct Sealing
Residential Slide – Window SealingResidential Slide – Window Sealing

How we use energy in our homes

Heating accounts for the biggest chunk of a typical utility bill.

Source: 2007 Building Energy Data Book, Table 4.2.1, 2005 energy cost data.

Your Home As A System

Sustainable Services specializes in home performance measures aimed at improving energy efficiency.  Of vast importance is viewing your home as a system, meaning that we focus on all of your home’s innerworkings and interdependent systems that influence your home’s energy efficiency.  Viewing your home from this whole-house approach will have a greater impact on your energy bills.  Instead of focusing on one major system, like your HVAC system, for example, Sustainable Services will address all of the smaller systems in your home (windows, lighting, residents’ patterns of behavior, etc.), along with the larger systems, to give you a full comprehensive view of your one’s energy consumption.  With appropriate insulation, air/duct sealing, installation of other measures, and thermostat settings, you can cut your energy use for heating and cooling, and reduce environmental emissions from 20% to 50% (source: U.S. Department of Energy).