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Residential Solar/PV

A residential solar PV system enables a homeowner to generate and offset their daily electrical energy demand.  The house remains connected to the electric utility grid at all times, so any power required above what the solar system can produce is simply drawn from the utility.  Sustainable Services helps you determine what size solar system is best for your desired offset while staying within your budget restraints and maximizing your return on investment.

Solar that Makes $ense

The cost of installing solar PV is the lowest it’s ever been and we take pride in designing and installing solar PV systems that are good investments for our customers.
When you contact Sustainable Services about our custom designed solar options, the most important information you can provide us with is your electrical utility usage history. This information is used to complete an in-depth cost analysis, which yields information including estimated system size and cost, incentives available to help pay for your system, rate of return, return on investment, and your breakeven point.

Solar Solutions For Your Home

If you are pleased with the financial analysis we provide, Sustainable Services will perform a free site survey of your home. Using the information gathered (shading analysis, roof orientation/pitch, etc.), we will determine the viability of a solar PV system for your home. At this point, a formal proposal and quotation is submitted to the customer for their approval.

When the estimate and proposal is approved, a custom designed solar PV system is drafted for your home, and our reliable team of energy efficiency technicians will install your new solar PV system. Then the real savings begin!



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Dependable Products

At Sustainable Services, we only use the highest quality solar components.  All panels we sell include a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty and can be expected to provide clean, quiet solar electricity for years to come.

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Affordable Cost

We take pride in giving you a quality custom designed solar system for the best price in the region.  We will help you obtain utility and federal incentives/rebates available to you that will offer a faster return on your investment.


Professional Installers

Installation is performed by professional and reliable energy efficiency technicians experienced in solar systems.  Our technicians have completed quality work for residences, industrial warehouses, businesses, and schools.