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Renewable Energy

Solar/PV (photovoltaics) is a type of renewable energy technology that is capable of converting the sun’s light into electrical current. In a grid-tie system, the electricity produced by these systems in integrated into your electrical system to reduce the amount of electricity you need to purchase from your local utility.

The amount of power generated by a solar system at a particular site depends on how much of the sun’s energy reaches it. Thus, PV systems function most efficiently in the southwestern United States, which receives the greatest amount of solar energy. Sustainable Services works to maximize the site of your PV system to achieve the greatest energy potential.

Solar Panels Renewable Energy

Solar Panels Renewable Energy

Solar Panels Renewable Energy

Sustainable Services possesses the knowledge, expertise, and dependability that you are looking for to design and install your solar PV system. All arrays are custom designed and engineered for the specifics of your site. Installation is performed by professional and reliable energy efficiency technicians experienced in solar systems. All modules are warranted to produce at least 80% of their original capacity for 25 years, so the longevity of your solar panels is never a concern. They are all guaranteed to withstand one-inch hail at 90 miles per hour!

Why Take Advantage Of Solar Power?

  • Solar power is a renewable energy source that is easy on the environment and energy efficient.
  • It can reduce, and possibly, eliminate your electrical bill.
  • PV systems can offer a fast return on investment when paired with incentive programs.
  • They require little maintenance.
  • Solar systems can increase the value of your home or business.
  • Solar power is a clean, pollution-free power source.