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A professional energy audit by Sustainable Services is the first step to assess how much energy your home or business consumes and to evaluate what measures you can take to make it more energy efficient. These assessments generally go into great detail. The energy auditor will do a room-by-room examination of the residence, perform several tests on the building with with professional, calibrated equipment, as well as a thorough examination of past utility bills. Sustainable Services will also take into account the inhabitants’ behavior as it may help to uncover some simple ways to reduce energy consumption.

Information Generated

The information gathered during an audit is essential to determine which services are right for your home.

This information dictates what improvements we can recommend, quote, and provide for your home or business. Audits and assessments identify potential energy-saving measures, which we will prioritize recommended improvements based on payback.


When do you need an audit or assessment?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of the following statements, it is necessary to call Sustainable Services for a professional energy audit.

  • Does your home/business feel drafty, excessively dusty, abnormally dry or humid, or just doesn’t feel comfortable?
  • Are some rooms hotter than others?
  • Does your air conditioner run continually?
  • Do you often fall sick or get colds due to poor air quality?
  • Do your windows get very hot during the summer months?
  • Do you have high energy bills?

Professional Equipment


Minneapolis Blower Door

This determines your building’s air tightness. It allows the auditor to quantify the amount of air leakage in your home or business and the effectiveness of any air-sealing job.

Minneapolis Duct Blaster

This machine focuses on the air tightness of your home’s duct system. The information diagnoses leaking problems and estimates efficiency losses from duct leakage.